Why does my cat hit me with her tail (4 Basic Reasons)

Why does your Cat hit you with her tail? You probably think that it’s because you’ve been wrong. But cats don’t feel like that. It’s a simple matter of the Cat’s tail being an extension of its body. When it’s in the mood, it’ll often use it to express itself. It’s a form of non-verbal communication. It’s just one of the many ways that cats use to express themselves. why does my cat hit me with her tail

My Cat hit me with her tail for many reasons. Some of which are described here.

Cat behaviour is different according to different situations.

1. Want Owner’s Attention

why does my cat hit me with her tail

Cats are very loving animals. They are loyal to you. They express different expressions through nonverbal communication. If she hits you gently with her tail, it means she wants your attention. Provide her with treats with a treat dispenser. She will love you more. You should entertain her at that movement.

2. May be Scared

why does my cat hit me with her tail

Tail hitting can express multiple expressions. If your Cat wraps her tail around your leg, it indicates she is scared and wants to dash from that place. This wrapping act is like a small child gripping their parent’s finger.

3. May be Angry

why does my cat hit me with her tail

When Cat is angry, she wags its tail. You should not make instant movements. It will attack your Cat. A cat can tear up furniture and damage bed sheets. If she continuously shows this behaviour, please check up on her if she is mad.

4. May be interested in something

why does my cat hit me with her tail

Cats are curious animals about their environment. If your Cat wraps her tail or gently hits her seat on your leg, it means that she is interested in something when watching TV or demanding something.


What should I do when my Cat hits me?

Answer: You can give food and water to your Cat.

Do cats bite?

Answer: Not really.

Do cats scratch?

Answer: Yes. But not as much as you think.

Can cats urinate on the carpet?

Answer: Yes.


Cats may try to act playful, but they are still very independent creatures. If you have an active cat, then she will probably try to play with you if she thinks that you will play with her. be careful when you play with a playful cat. Be sure that you don’t grab her in any funny positions. She might even try to bite you. When you pet a cat, be careful not to squeeze her head. A hitting tail will express many kinds of emotions.

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